Why should you work with us when buying a pre-construction condo?

1-Your Best Interest in Mind

The on-site sales rep works for the developer and has their best interest in mind. We work for YOUWe have your best interest in mind. We will provide an honest unbiased opinion of the project and will inform you of the best possible options. While we work for you the Buyer, please note that there is NO COST to you. As VIP Agents, we are paid by the developers for our marketing and sales and sales efforts.

2-VIP Pre-Launch Access

We are VIP Agents with access to all Condo developments before the general public launch. In order to be invited to these events you must accompany a VIP Agent. The benefits are:  introductory prices, access to the best suites, highest floors, best layouts and best views. Often successful projects are more than 50% sold before the general public launch.

3-Negotiate On Your Behalf

While prices are almost never negotiable, we can negotiate things like; Capping levies, Capping closing costs, Adding upgrades, Extending deposit structures etc. If something can be done to benefit you the Buyer, we will do it.

4-Ask the right questions

Even if you have bought a preconstruction condo before, you are probably unaware of all the right questions to ask. With thousands of preconstruction condos purchased for our clients, we are well versed on what information you need to make the best possible decision. We will ask the all-important questions regarding construction, financing status, assignments, occupancy, maintenance fees etc.

5-MLS Access

We have access to the Toronto MLS (Multiple Listing Service) which provides you with valuable information on prices, history and comparable condos in the immediate area. We also know the prices of all past and current condo projects and can provide best value opinions. We have no special interest in any one development.  As such,From we can compare developments based on the criteria you have provided and advise you on which ones have the most potential.

6-Keeping You Informed

We act as your liaison to the developer. We make sure you get all the pertinent information about your purchase. We also will join you for your colour selection meeting to help you pick finishes. We are here for you every step of the way. From A to Z, you are never alone.

7-We Work for You

Buying a pre-construction condo can be complicated. There are a lot of legal intricacies and details involved. As experienced, savvy and honest Realtors with a reputation as Condo Specialists, we are here to make the process as smooth as possible. Remember the developer pays for our services yet we still work for YOU! It is clear to see why having Sarah in your corner is the best way to go!

8-Will I get a better price if I buy from the Builder directly?

A.   No. Almost all developers are extremely reliant on agents to achieve their pre-construction sales goals. Providing discounts to purchasers who aren’t represented by an agent would alienate agents and their clients.

9-Is there a difference between VIP Condo Agents and Regular Agents?

A.  Yes. Most Condo Agents will get the same pricing, incentives and project details. However, the developer will give different floors and different units to VIP Agents.

10-Should I Buy a Preconstruction Condo or a Resale Condo?

A. That depends on your preferences and needs. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. Talk to us for a complete breakdown on your personal criteria.

11-Will Condo Prices go up or down?

A. Just a minute I gotta find my crystal ball…lol… This much we know for sure, Real Estate in the long term will ALWAYS GO UP. In the short term, it’s anybody’s guess. At least in 2015, there is no indications that pricing will go down anytime soon.

12-Is a Preconstruction Condo a good Investment?

A.  Yes. Usually Condo Developments take a few years to build. You may only have to put 10% to 20% down total before closing. You are only required to put a minimal deposit down, yet you have 1-5 years for your investment to appreciate. The chances  are very good that your Condo will increase by the time you close on it.

13-How much are Condo Closing Costs?

A.  Each Condo project has different variables that affect your closing costs. Important Factors to consider are; Is HST included in Purchase Price? Toronto/Provincial Land Transfer Cost, Legal Fees, Builders Fees and financing fees. As Preconstruction Specialists, we will provide you with an accurate estimate. You will also have ten days (The Cooling Off Period as per the Condo Act) to review your Agreement with your solicitor.

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